Viaservice introduces the Container Guarantee solution in East-Africa

Viaservice introduces the Container Guarantee solution in East-Africa

The Container Guarantee, a solution by Viaservice, provides a business-friendly alternative to container deposit for customs agents, freight forwarders and shippers. As container deposits are flagged as a trade barrier, Viaservice thought it was time to address this and create a more sustainable solution which results in the Container Guarantee.

“In East Africa, like in many other parts of the world, container deposit has been flagged as a trade barrier by both private and public sector at national and regional level. But on the other hand, delay in return, damage, and total loss of containers impact negatively on shipping lines thus the requirement security such as a container deposit. This prompted Viaservice to explore a sustainable solution that addresses the concerns of both the carriers and the container users. Container guarantee is heralded as a sustainable solution that protects the interest all stakeholders. ” said John Mathenge, Viaservice Tanzania Managing Director.

The Container Guarantee provides a business-friendly alternative to container deposit and is accessible to customs agents, freight forwarders and shippers. The solution entails issuance of guarantee by Viaservice to authorized customs agents, freight forwarders and shippers” he added.  The guarantee covers demurrage, damage, and total loss of the container.

This solution aims at easing the burden of Clearing and Forwarding agents and shippers to clear containers at the port without putting up cash deposit all the while safeguarding the commercial interests of shipping lines. The guarantee solutions improve their cash flow, enhances their competitiveness, improve their relationship with shipping lines, and enhance their administrative and operational efficiency.

To support the industry during the COVID-19 crisis. Viaservice Tanzania has launched its first ever BOGO “ Buy 1 Get 1 Free” promotion under which Clearing and Forwarding agents is provided one container under guarantee for free for every container guarantee purchased

This promotion targets all Clearing and forwarding agents in Tanzania who become eligible upon signing up as users of the container guarantee solution with Viaservice, the first company in Tanzania to provide such a solution to the transport logistics sector.

Viaservice Commercial Manager, Elisha Tengeni said “This promotion has been launched at the right time considering the financial effects of the Corona pandemic on businesses in Tanzania and the region and will see clearing and forwarding agents benefiting from the service” he added saying that we are trying as much as possible to reach out to as many agents access at a time when the service  is most needed. Viaservice is solving one the perennial challenges facing the shipping and logistics industry. The solution is enhancing competitiveness of the transport logistics sector thereby facilitating trade and transport.

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