Container Guarantee

Providing sustainable solution to container deposit

Approximately ninety percent of the world’s goods are transported by sea. Considering the increasing importance of sea transport as main conveyor belt for goods, there are continuous efforts at global and other levels to ensure competitiveness of this mode. Key to this is ensuring that both the interests of the carriers (shipping lines) and sea transport users (freight forwarders and shippers) to ensure sustainable and competitive sea transport.

“The container Guarantee is a business-friendly alternative to container deposits”

With over 70% of the sea freight containerized, containers are predominantly very critical transport units. Therefore, for the supply chain to remain efficient and fluid, containers must be safeguarded and turned around  efficiently. Currently, the containers are delayed in return, damaged or lost while in hands of the transport users. This results in losses to shipping lines and inefficient transport logistics services and imposition of various requirements such as cash deposits which suppress the financial liquidity and competitiveness of the container user. This underminess the  overall objective of trade facilitation.

The Container Guarantee Solution

Securing container in East African market

In East Africa, like in many other parts of the world, container deposit has been flagged as a trade barrier by both private and public sector at national and regional level. Viaservice provides a sustainable solution that addresses the concerns of both the carriers and the container users, the container guarantee.

The solution is supported and hailed by all transport logistics and institutional stakeholders as a lasting cure for the container deposit trade barrier.

Since last year, the solution is operational in Tanzania through which all the countries using the port of Dar es Salaam are served. Plans are underway to rollout the solution across Africa and in other parts of the world.


KAS Freight by Mr. Edward John Urio (Chairman KAS Freight)

Tanzania Freight Forwarders Association (TAFFA) by Mr. Edward John Urio (President TAFFA).

Vega Star Shipping Service by Mr. Rajab F. Mwinyihaji (Excutive Director – Vega Star Shipping Services (Z) LTD).

The Container Guarantee solution:

  • Covers demurrage, damage and total loss of containers on reimbursement basis
  • Eliminates the need to put up cash deposit to secure containers
  • Guarantees shipping lines of full recovery in case of an incidence
  • Allows the user to pay for obligation after return of containers
  • Eliminates the administrative burden of managing deposits
  • Improves cashflow for shippers, their agents, businesses and shipping lines
  • Is provided through an online platform that enhances transparency and user’s experience 
  • Maintains the liability chain and upholds compliance
  • Safeguards the commercial relationship between the carrier and shipper/agents

How to become a guarantee user?

Follow these four (4) easy steps:

Want to become a guarantee user?

Get in touch with Viaservice Limited through to register free of charge after which you can order guarantees online at any time.

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About Viaservice Ltd

Viaservice Limited is a local subsidiary of Viaservice SA, a Swiss based company that serves globally to address the key challenges of the transportation and logistics industry leveraging on its global, investments and expertise.

Viaservice Ltd has a mission to provide innovative and disruptive trade and transport facilitation solutions to enhance competitiveness of the logistics industry in East Africa in collaboration with relevant stakeholders among them Tanzania Freight Forwarders Association (TAFFA), Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Associations (FEAFFA) to deliver this solution.

Viaservice Financial Services Limited

FNB House, 4th Floor – Ohio Street, Dar Es Salaam – Tanzania

T: +255756739274 or +255746976345


Disclaimer: Container guarantee is not an insurance service and is only offered to registered users.

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