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VIASERVICE serves the entire logistics and transport chain through its expertise and strategic partnerships, by driving innovative services and agnostic solutions, both addressing the digitalization and innovation needs of the “logistics of the future.
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We offer disruptive solutions for the entire transportation industry, throughout the logistics chain, such as electronic Consignment Note (eCMR), Container Guarantee solution, and other innovative products and services.
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The Viaservice headquarters are located in Switzerland, with offices in the Netherlands and in East Africa.

The team is composed of industry experts with experience in logistics, finance and software engineering.

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Everywhere possible, we create agnostic solutions to move logistics forward

Viaservice is present worldwide, through two complementary business units that serve a shared purpose:
accelerating the transition to the better working supply chains of tomorrow.


To accelerate the adoption of digital transport documents such as eCMR and facilitate the digitalization of the supply chains, TransFollow provides a set of data-driven services that allows all supply chain stakeholders to connect and exchange information smoothly on the TransFollow DataHub, no matter which software management system they use or how equipped they are.

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Container Guarantee

The Container Guarantee removes container deposits and grows your business. The Container Guarantee advances payments of all obligations linked to containers (damage, demurrage, total loss) on behalf of the Guarantees users, on a reimbursement basis. By availing the Container Guarantee to your customers instead of the container deposit, you improve your logistics operations and containers’ profitability. It eliminate bad debts, smooth administration and improve your customers’ experience.

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